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Transition Timeline and Milestones

Transition planning is crucial to keeping costs, surprises, and headaches under control. We observe time and  time again that vendors tend to wait until the last minute to prepare for an account start. This practice causes  stress, oversights, mistakes and a considerably overworked staff.

Your Marty Map will outline a step by step procedure leading up to day one. It’s critical that all action items be listed with due dates to ensure that everything goes well. The reality is, there will always be a challenge that  arises. We prepare for the unexpected by staying on task, on budget, and on time and allowing extra time for unexpected events. It’s preferable to finish ahead of, rather than behind, schedule.

Everyone needs to know what to expect. We don’t waste time rehashing what should already have been clarified and agreed upon. We make a concerted effort to get everything out on the table in advance so the plan is crystal clear and expected results are explained. For more on planning, see the planning portion of this  website under services.


We plan as if we are a live TV show. Once we go live, our entire operation is out there for the World to see. So we ask ourselves, "What is it that we want our audience to see?"

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