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An Industry Leader

Comprehensive Facilities Management

At Marty K we endeavor to renew daily our position as a facilities management industry leader in the deployment of innovative, superior, and sustainable technology and process. Our search is ongoing for the best tools, the best talent, and the best way of doing our work. We partner with industry, institutions of health and science, education and government to ensure that we are aware of and understand the big picture; we stay ahead the competition. We do all this to ensure that we are helping our clients, employees and the communities surrounding our facilities, to draw closer to holistic sustainability. 

Prepare, Resolve, Sustain

Cycles of Practice

Together we prepare. Partnering with our clients, we prefer to be proactive over reactive and therefore we  plan and prepare. To begin the process, one of our experienced Portfolio Managers will visit the facility and  consult with the client to thoroughly asses that specific property's needs, for now and in the future. All of the  resources available that are required to meet those needs will be presented, including the best methodology,  technology and tools and personnel.

Together we resolve. We cultivate and nurture close ties with our clients, vendors and employees, allowing  our products and services to be delivered expediently and with ease. We work to be good stewards of our  resources - human, financial and environmental. Our determination for flawless deployment of our services is  resolute. We are willing to do what is hard and we will do what is right. We don’t shrink from a challenge but  rather merge with our clients to see the plan through.

Together we sustain. We believe that nothing is final. We approach business holistically and acknowledge  that our social, economic and environmental impact will remain long after we are here.

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