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A Legacy of Service and Character:

Martin J. Keese

The MartyK tradition began nearly 175 years ago.


Martin Keese was a decorated Civil Ware hero, life saving volunteer fireman, Deputy Sheriff, humble public servant and devoted husband and father. He also was, for 28 years, custodian of NY, NY City Hall. His valor, work ethic and sensitivity to the needs of others are values we hold dear to this day. 

He was notable in all of his careers. He was seriously wounded at Bull Run in the War which entitled him to a pension, which he refused. He chose to work instead. a New York Times article tells of him saving a child from a burning building. As Deputy Sheriff, he arrested the infamous Boss Tweed and was known for being a dedicated caretaker of City Hall in Manhattan. 

Marty lived at City Hall during his tenure as Custodian. He tended to the building and the grounds, and was the security officer and tour guide. 

Marty, with dignity and whole hearted dedication, devoted his life to helping others. He was a careful and deliberate steward of the opportunities he was awarded which earned him a place in the hearts and minds of many. 

For more on the eventful life of Mr. Keese, please contact our office. 

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