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Blue Sky

Tell us your vision and we'll help you achieve it.


We are believers in infinite possibilities. If you have an idea or a dream that you have yet to bring into  existence, let us drive the process. There isn’t much outside the realm of possibility for Marty K. Our team  consists of some brilliant thinkers and planners who are at the most expert levels in engineering, design,  planning and forecasting, economics and market research. We also have skilled craftsmen and builders who  can create nearly anything.


Our civil, aviation and mechanical engineers have worked extensively with the FAA, Port of Seattle, SeaTac  International Airport, Department of Homeland Security and others. Projects have consisted of everything  from structural engineering and construction to advanced radio, radar, and satellite communication  technology. Eco-engineering and sustainability planning is a passion and forte of Marty K. We have the team  to make your ideas come to life and sustain them.


Special event planning and oversight is also within our area of expertise. We can provide a complete event  management solution or provide event support.



Whatever your idea is, we look forward to pondering it with you.

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