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Integrated Services from One Source

We believe that no one system can be independently

sustainable; rather, each system affects the other

and conversely affects itself. The ideal is to get 

everything working together, going in the same

direction and requiring little external propulsion.


Why have multiple companies do what one can do? Using Marty K to consolidate services is one of the most responsible decisions our clients have made for their businesses and  we encourage you to do the same. In doing so, communication is vastly improved, cost is significantly reduced, and your carbon footprint becomes smaller, yielding a tremendously higher return that has a perpetual payback.


How did toilet paper revolutionize our business? Ask any property manager what the ultimate nightmare  scenario is and be assured that the short list will include running out of toilet paper on a busy day. The  number of unnecessary daily supply deliveries to clients because of poor planning was absurd. After implementation of our proprietary inventory management solution, order consolidation, night time delivery policy and creation of an in-house distribution system, we managed to reduce the number of supply deliveries  by large trucks to many facilities by 85%. For us and our clients, this system is about as revolutionary as the invention of the pallet.


By consolidating multiple services into one management system, a clear picture emerges of how one service affects another. We then can capitalize on their commonalities and consolidate service trips, equipment, crew  members and management. These efficiencies are hard to find outside of a consolidated system.


We are so confident that service consolidation is effective, we offer a 5% annual rebate on a client’s total spend with us if they subscribe to three or more of the services we provide.

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