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Custodial and Janitorial etc.

Maintenance is the Marty K Map delivery vehicle. A component of your Marty K Map will outline and define the status quo.

We then rely on our operational process to maintain those standards. Our maintenance programs are designed for efficiency, effectiveness, and are self perpetuating or sustainable. This translates to high returns and low impact. Your Marty K Map may include service areas


Custodial should not be mistaken as janitorial or cleaning. It's more in the sense of a guardian or caretaker. Our custodial service could include one of all of the maintenance areas listed above. The goal of this service is to not only maintain, but prevent by being proactive. 


Janitorial or commercial cleaning is a significant part of the Marty Map. This service area can have a profound impact on the operations of a business in ways both obvious and not so obvious. Studies have shown that people tend to be more generous and honest in a clean building. The benefits of more productive, honest employees is clear. 

Turn-key turns

Most properties experience a certain degree of change over time; people move around, tenants move in and out, and new production processes require re-configurations. The Turn-key turns portion of our Marty K Map will provide a plan for a simple, nearly automatic process for managing all that moving around. Tell us when and where and that area will be ready for whatever is on the way. With our janitorial service, an area can be prepped and cleaned to accommodate it.

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