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Assessment and Scope

Defining Services Needed and Resources Available 

Often vendors get off on the wrong foot right from the start by not doing due diligence in the assessment stage of a proposal process. Usually this lack of process is manifested shortly after the start of service when misunderstandings of the scope begin to arise. This is a very expensive mistake, both for the customer and  the vendor. MartyK avoids this by following a very thorough and precise discovery process.

The MartyK discovery process uses a variety of tools and resources to help uncover hidden savings and cost  drivers. The utilization of 5S theories is a valuable means of identifying possible improvements in efficiency and conservation. We are believers in moderation and

balance so our assessments look at scope and process from many different perspectives.

Our proprietary assessment process breaks facilities down into small, manageable sections. Not all areas of a facility are the same and they should not be treated the same. Micro scopes are created and are specific to their respective areas. This allows for successful measurement of progress within our quality control program.

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