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New research shows that clean smells subconsciously promote ethical behavior.  Cleaning is the most fundamental and important part of a facility maintenance program. Few people realize  the extent to which a poorly cleaned facility affects its inhabitants and likewise the positive effects of a clean  facility. Aside from a documented change in moral behavior, the long term ROI is tremendous. Carpets and  floors last longer, HVAC service costs are reduced, cleaner windows let in more sunlight, and occupants are  simply healthier and happier.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our clients and crew. We know that the first step in any sustainable process must be taking control of our health and well being. Most people when asked to define  wealth will reference family and health. Money isn’t usually their first response. Our priority is clear: design  sustainable cleaning systems that lend to and promote healthy living. Our goal is simple: remove contaminants from the environment.

We stick to our priority and accomplish our goal by deploying:

•State-of-the-art technology

•Advanced staff training

•Hiring of top talent to train staff and provide leadership

•Research and development

In nearly every new account we start, we hear comments about the positive

impacts our practices have on  allergies, asthma, absenteeism, fatigue, and

morale, all contributing to reduced operating costs. Property  ownership looks

at the entire lifespan of their property and judge ROI by the total net yield.

Our services  contribute to higher property resale values and generate operational

savings during the ownerships’ tenure.


Even more value can be found on the methods and processes pages.

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