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Partnerships for a Greater Tomorrow

Our Vision for the Future

We, as individuals, are not islands. We must join together to form a coalition for the future. Growth and  learning are exponential when alliances and relationships are strong and forums are established for open  exchange of ideals, convictions, and visions.

Our dear friends at KCTS 9 Seattle have a clear purpose: to inform, involve and inspire. We value the  contributions of PBS to our society and encourage all to join us in support of public programming. Please see  their website for volunteer information and visit their bookstore. (


We are ecstatic to support Saint Mark’s Cathedral in their annual Saint Mark’s Celebrates the Saints events.  Saint Mark’s, with their deep cultural connections, relentless community support, and humble servitude, are  and have been for decades, a cornerstone of our society. MartyK also volunteers with the Green Cathedral  Task-Force. Saint Mark’s is pioneering and defining good ecological stewardship and is an example of sound  social responsibility and leadership. (

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