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Allocation: Personnel, Supplies, and Equipment

Your car goes nowhere without gas, and food doesn’t taste too good without the proper ingredients. Likewise, an operation such as ours will not run properly without the appropriate allocation of resources.

A Marty Map includes lists of all items required for successful deployment of a scope. Delivery of these items is often more challenging than most expect. Manufacturers must be given sufficient notice to have equipment and supplies available; those items must be distributed, tested and stored.


Obviously equipment requires people to use them. Our management team is particularly talented at assigning the right staff to the right account. Personality is important to clients and so we are careful to ensure that both our employees and our clients will be happy over time with the working relationship. We match staff with  client by skill set and experience.


There are also technological resources that need to be assigned and set-up. These may include individualized service email addresses that are facility specific, computers, radios, cellular phones, and digital time clock systems.

Incentives: Motivating All Parties to Mobilize

We save, you save. Our operation is completely transparent. We don’t hide discovered savings. As we gain  efficiency and reduce cost, we both benefit. Our goal is to build a sustainable system that gives you more  than you’ll get anywhere else. It’s expensive to go out to bid every year. We want our clients to know, and without a doubt, that they are receiving the best level of service, the best technology, the most advanced, well trained staff on the market. Know that the greatest value is found at MartyK.


We also give incentives to our employees. Employee retention is important so we ensure that they are paid a competitive wage. Our employees are paid a base wage plus bonus. We ask that our employees help us in several areas to be bonus eligible. This system has had a tremendous impact on sustained quality and is a large part of our quality control system.

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